Saturday, June 24, 2006


Mario is aangekomen in Afrika

Hello Hans

I don.t know if you received my first email. Just want to tell you that I am
fine and my French is improving. I probably still speak it like a child but
people understand what I am trying to say and I usually understand what they
are saying. If not, I tell them to speak slowly.
I also met the two pilots from ASF. Unfortunately they are going to be based in
the Congo soon, for about 3 months, I think.

Last week the 200 hrs maintenance was carried out on the plane and that created
more problems than there were before. But things are sorted out now and
the plane is flying nicely. I have been to Kouango, Mobaye, Bangassou and Zemio
so far and have flown a little more than 20 hours since I am here.

I can understand that you miss the place and the work as it is really good. I
enjoy being my own boss, so to say. It is probably a bit more difficult for me
with the language barrier but I am improving. The flying itself is great, as
usual in Africa. I only have to be careful with the weather now in the rainy
season. But the weather radar really is very helpful. The other day, on the
flight back from Bangassou I had to avoid 4 thunderstorms. They become big
here, up to 45.000 feet and higher. I also use the internet, which is available
now in St. Charles, for weather forecast. But the met office in Bangui is
helping also quite a bit. Their equipment is actually quite good.

I hope that you are having a good time in Holland.
Best regards

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