Thursday, August 24, 2006


C.A.R. update

Hello Hans,

Theft of fuel is indeed rare and I get along well with Daniel and Samuel.
I think Soeur Noella is not here at the moment; that is why I have not seen her around. Do not know where she is though.
The problem with Minair is that André is on leave and Nicola is a good mechanic but does not know much about electrics. Whenever we get something fixed there is something else to fix afterwards. They are just not very careful when they work and this is especially a problem with electrics and wiring.Since the airplane seems to have suffered from electrical problems from the beginning this does not make it any easier.
Another aircraft has arrived today. It is ZS-TAS, a Caravan. Maybe you have met Marc, the pilot. He used to fly for Minair with this Caravan but has now got a contract with Sodiam/Via-air. Carlos has left with his Caravan ZS-OAT.The King Air 90 has only arrived here less than 2 months ago so I do not know all the connections there. But then they might have been here before. The reg is ZS-NXI.

Have a nice day,


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