Friday, January 19, 2007


Het eerste nieuws van Mario en Bas

Hi Hans

We arrived here on Saturday morning without problems and Helmut picked us up at the airport. Unfortunately our luggage came out last and I think there were maybe only 5 people there when we left the airport.
On Sunday Bas and I did a 35 minutes flight around Bangui.
Tuesday we went to Mobaye to take Piet and Helmut there. We spent the night so that Bas can meet the people there.
Wednesday we were in Bangassou. We stayed the night there as well.
We managed to get most of the paperwork done yesterday so Bas will probably have his validation next week.
By the way, Wout wrote an email that they are looking for pilots in Papua. He said that it would probably be o.k. to tell them that I am willing to pay a few hours on the 185 to get the tail wheel conversion. So that for me would be a hundred times better than flying the eclipse.

Best regards


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