Friday, January 26, 2007


Mario vertelt

Hi Hans,

The secret about fuel theft: in the beginning I had about 20 or 25 litres missing one morning. Daniel was still there and I took the little fuel booklet and hit him on the head with it.
That was the last time that any fuel was stolen except when the plane was atMinair and once when Samuel was doing a night shift instead of Daniel. Nobodyhad told me that and Samuel was sick as well with malaria. So he obviouslyslept through the night. I am quite sure that it was Daniel again because he knew well that Samuel would be sleeping. Unfortunately there was nothing Icould do.
So far things are going well. Today we got the validation for Bas and tomorrow we are going to Mobaye. Next week is another flight to Bangassou. After that I will be going back with Tanneguy and also the ASF mechanics. Andre the tall one is already here.



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